The use of plastic bags

In 2016, data from the Greater Los Angeles Homeless Count indicated a 30 percent decrease in homeless veterans living in Los Angeles County, which included data from Glendale, Long Beach and Pasadena, according to the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority. The report from LAHSA also indicated homelessness in Los Angeles County rose 5.7 percent from 2015 to 2016.

The use of plastic bags to recycle yard waste is being challenged, as earlier this fall, Fairfax County quietly announced in September 2016 that residents should switch to using paper bags instead. Photo contributed

County and private haulers remove around 208,600 tons of organic yard waste, Fairfax County says. They claim an estimated 20 percent of that clings to the plastic bags and must be trashed rather than recycled and composted.

As word of Operation Sleeping replica handbags spread on social media, sleeping bags were donated from Calabasas and the greater Los Angeles area, but also from places around the world including Berlin, London, New York City and New Orleans.

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Both airlines acclaim basic-economy cartage assay their accoutrements at the adverse if they access at the airport. According to an American Airlines spokesperson, basic-economy cartage with baggage will be affected to gate-check their accoutrements and pay an added administration fee. Thus, instead of paying $25 for the aboriginal bag at the check-in counter, basal abridgement cartage will charge to angle over at atomic $50 to gate-check their bags.

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